Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! If you love to hang ten and catch some tasty waves, then you know there’s nothing better than the feeling of riding a wave on your trusty surfboard. Once you get out of the water, you’ll probably want to find a good place to display your board so you can show off your gnarly skills.

Decorating with your surfboard can add a super cool, beachy vibe to any room. Whether you want to hang it on the wall, prop it in a corner, or even use it as a table, a surfboard makes a rad decor piece. The colors and shapes can inspire a fun, relaxed look in your home. An old board can bring back memories of epic sessions, while a shiny new one gets you amped for the next sesh.

To get some tubular inspiration for decking out your space with your board, keep scrolling to check out these righteous ideas. You’ll be stylin’ in no time!

1. Blue&White Surf Board

If you are looking for the ideal type of decoration for your corridor between the rooms and have no idea what you could add, we present you with a surfboard in blue and white. These colours are ideal for lighter houses/apartments.

2. Double Surf Boards

If you and your lover love surfing and surfing motifs and have recently started living together, surfboards in two copies will be your excellent choice to decorate your bedroom. The boards can be white with some symbols that you like or with some words that are special to you, the choice is yours. They go perfectly with white walls and simple details like a pot with a plant and books.

3. Minimalist Brown

Minimalist style in light brown colour combined with grey. Break up those two colours with cushions in different colours, and the surfboard can be white with a detail of any colour that matches the cushions. White colour is always a good choice when you want to decorate a space.

4. Room Decor

This is an example of a real room for all surfers. If your space is of lighter colours, we recommend a beige surfboard because it fits perfectly into a lighter environment. If your room is small, a lighter colour variant is always the right choice, because lighter colours open up the space and create the optical illusion that the space is much larger.

5. Scratched Board

You can add a used surfboard that you no longer use into a chaotic art space. Such a board will be a perfect decoration for all artistic souls, precisely because it has been used and looks older to the eye.

6. Shell Surf Board

Interesting surfboard design. In marine style, light blue with starfish and seashells. They go well with grey surfaces. If you don’t want that board to take up too much space, try to find a board in smaller dimensions, which will definitely fit nicely with everything, and because of its dimensions, you can put it anywhere in the house. Besides a surfboard, you don’t need framed pictures as wall decoration.

7. Wood Board

Back to the classics. An ordinary wooden surfboard that has no details on it, yet fits perfectly into any style of your house or apartment. Our advice is that it is best to choose this board if you own a farm or any house whose interior resembles a farm or a house in the forest.

8. Name On Board

Personalized surfboards are a new level of creativity with which you can decorate your space. They are an ideal gift and kind of decoration for children’s rooms, and ultimately for yours, if you prefer personalized things. The board can be of any design in any colour, it is best if it is in your favourite shades. Paint the surfboard with transparent wood varnish and you will get a perfect shine, which will leave an impression of freshness and cleanliness.

9. Boho Style

Surfboards are not intended exclusively for living space but can be a wonderful decoration for cafes, restaurants, clubs and other places where people gather. It fits best in places with a boho style, because of its origin and purpose. If your cafe is in boho style, the ideal board for you is wooden, the colour of tree bark. The dark brown board blends in with the rest of the decorations and colours, but it will remain a nicely noticed detail.

10. Grey Colours

The minimalistic colour is predominantly grey. If you prefer minimalism and would not exaggerate the details, a simple board in shades of white and beige will fit perfectly on your wall. Frames without photos, like the photo above, are a good idea. It would be superfluous to put coloured photos among all this greyness and simplicity. Under the board, on the shelf, you can put a black TV that would fit perfectly.

11. Palm Trees

Palm trees, beach and ocean, what else is synonymous with good waves and good surfing? If on cold days you miss the elements of the beach, warm days, good cocktails and good surfing, you can bring them into your home with these surfboards that will not take up too much space in your home but will still contribute to comfort and good looks.

12. Mini Board

Beautiful mini boards with inscriptions of your choice. If you want to complete your shelf with photos or books, this is a great opportunity to do so. If you have an artistic spirit, we recommend you use the ideas from the photo and paint your chandelier in the same colour and we are sure that it will fit nicely into your interior. For the bedding on the bed, if it’s a bedroom, we recommend that it be colourful too, and if it’s a living room, it would be ideal if the carpet and pillows were colourful.

13. JellyFish Board

Absolutely beautiful decoration that we would be happy to recommend to everyone. Although the two colours are extremely strong, they can also fit perfectly into bright interiors because they would break up the light colour and attract attention as one of the more important details in your home. If you are a painter or have a gift for drawing, we recommend that you paint this design or a design similar to it yourself.

14. LED Board

If you have a teenager in the house, we believe that both you and the teenager will like this kind of decoration. An ordinary surfboard around which there is an LED light that changes colour at the push of a button will surely be a good detail in your teenager’s room. You will not spend a lot of money or time on this kind of decoration, but you will still achieve the desired result.

15. Big Board

If you are looking for a decoration that would take up a good part of your wall and room, we have selected for you this photo that can give you a nice idea. The large surfboard that occupies the entire length of the wall in blue and white colour is a beautiful decoration that will attract the attention of every guest, yet will remain inconspicuous. Blue and white colour is the colour of the sea and reminds us of hot summer beaches when everyone is happy and smiling during their vacations.

16. Starry Board

A beautiful decoration for a children’s room is this board with stars in red and blue colour. It fits perfectly with the light blue colour of the walls and bedding and the round, darker blue carpet. To do all this you can add blue curtains, and a shelf on the walls with books. On the other side of the room, you can put a table with a computer and a small blue lamp, which will also fit in with everything else.

There are so many creative ways to show off your love of surfing through your home decor. Adding your board into the mix signals that you live for the surf life. It’s a great conversation starter and lets your personality shine through. Hopefully these awesome surfboard decor ideas sparked some inspiration for you to hang loose and make your space feel like an endless summer.

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