Looking to add some edge to your sleepy bedroom? Industrial design may be the answer you’re searching for. This trendy look can transform your private retreat into a hip urban oasis.

Industrial style is all about exposed brick, weathered wood, metal accents, and a neutral color palette. It embraces imperfections and gives your space a raw, unfinished vibe. If you love the look of old warehouses and factories transformed into chic lofts, bring a little of that aesthetic into your own bedroom.

Incorporating industrial elements like wood paneling, black piping, and vintage lighting creates visual interest and gives your space loads of character. Accent walls, metal bed frames, and minimalist, mid-century inspired furniture also help nail the urban chic style. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make some DIY projects to personalize your space.

The following inspirational images showcase a variety of ways to infuse industrial flair into your bedroom’s design. Let these photos spark some ideas and get your creative juices flowing!

1. White&Beige Room


The combination of white and beige colors for your new room is ideal. White color mixes well with all other colors and combining any other color with it brings a good result. With white and beige colors, you can always add a black or dark brown detail that will perfectly find its place in that room.

2. Without Framed Photos


Not every room without details on the walls has to look empty and cold. This photo proves it because everything is in this room. Simple white lamps above the bed complete the space, and the colors match each other beautifully. If you want to compensate for the lack of framed pictures or some other details, you can take a bed with a backrest of a different shape than a flat frame.

3. All White


When the room is completely white with some light grey details, it will look brighter, more spacious and sunnier. Daylight is best reflected on bright surfaces, so you will never go wrong with this choice. With this kind of interior, it is always best to choose a simple round mirror where you will place a simple vase with an artificial plant. The bedding on the bed should also not clash with the rest of the room, so if you don’t want to break up the white and grey colors, stick to bedding in those colors. If the bed is white, we recommend grey decorative pillows.

4. Fall Vibe


You will get an autumn vibe in your room by combining the colors from the photo above. A minimalist style in which everything fits together will give a feeling of warmth and autumn comfort. Decorative beige and white cushions will give you a sense of comfort and you will enjoy drinking tea with your favorite movie. If you have space in the room, you can add a fireplace for better aesthetics, warmth, and cosiness. We believe that you will enjoy this kind of environment on colder days.

5. Aesthetic Room


The bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time and therefore we try to make that room a place of peace, rest and warmth. Therefore, we have to make an effort to decorate that room in such a way that it gives us the feeling of all that we have listed. The photo above is an example of this, as this room exudes comfort and warmth.

6. Cosy Room


To achieve the desired comfort of the room, make sure to get soft pillows, soft plush blankets and soft carpet. To get the aesthetics of the room, let it all be the same color, of your choice. In the photo, everything is predominantly white, but you choose the look of the room according to what you like. If you want the room to look warmer, avoid strong colors such as red, orange or purple, but focus on white, beige or lighter grey.

7. Simple Room


Get rid of unnecessary decorations like too many photos above the bed and large bedside tables. Arrange the furniture so that the room is passable from all sides and you can reach the bed from both sides. You can put the cabinet in a corner that suits you best. If you want simplicity, find a larger-size painting without color and place it above the bed. Our advice is that the picture should be in the color of the walls or the bed, maybe even some other larger furniture in the room.

8. Summer Room


The summer room, as we called it, was created because it is a room with good lighting and bright colors. If you want more light in your room, it would be ideal to install a large window that will catch the sun’s rays well and to add a lamp next to the main light, so that you have good lighting in the evening. The mirror opposite the bed gives the optical illusion of a larger space and reflects light well. Neutral shades like white and grey give a calming effect.

9. Modern Room


If you have a larger space in the room, we advise you to build one wall to separate the room and the closet space, or perhaps a smaller view of the living room in your bedroom. Decorate it the way you like, and if you prefer a more modern style, this photo will be an ideal example. In a space separated from the room, you can put a large sliding wardrobe that will not take up a lot of space but will fit perfectly into the environment.

10. Grey Room


Day off, no work, it’s raining and you’re watching a movie in your room. You need comfort, don’t you? This photo is a wonderful sight of that. The room is decorated in a modern way, but a modern way does not mean that the room should be half-empty without some special details. On the contrary, a modern room can look cosy and tucked away like the one in the picture. You can put your dear photos in frames in the color of the walls or white, and add a couple of books to the chest of drawers next to the bed. Grey curtains will add to your privacy at night, and during the day they can be pulled back from the window to let the daylight touch you.

11. Old Vibe Room


The first thing everyone notices when they enter your room is your bed because it takes up the most space due to its dimensions and therefore attracts the most attention. The thing that attracts the most attention is the headboard. It can vary in shape color and size. You can see in this photo that it is quite large and the pattern is floral. It blends in with the rest of the room, yet remains unique and beautiful in its way.

12. Darker Room


If you prefer a darker shade of the room, we have selected one for you. As you can see, the room is darker, but not closed type, because there are a lot of light sources. It can be something like a mirror with LED lighting, through a daylight source, all the way to these very low chandeliers. To gain space, you can install sockets in the head of the bed where you can charge your mobile device. The bed can be as low as possible and closer to the floor because this way you achieve a more modern look of the room.

13. Shining Room


Not enough daylight and would like more? Now we will take care of that too. We present you with this bed that lights up, thus contributing to the light in your room. The light shades of color in this room go perfectly with the bed that lights up. The light is also white and somehow gives us the impression that the bed is floating in the air. Choose soft mattresses for comfort and double mirrors above the bed.

14. Framed Bed


If you want additional privacy in your room, in addition to blinds and curtains, we recommend a bed with a frame, on which you can also put curtains. The bed frame can vary in color depending on what you choose. If your room is colorful, then you can choose a frame in an interesting color, and if the room is white or grey, a black-and-white frame will fit perfectly. Place some framed pictures above the pillows to match the bed frame.

15. Glazed Room


A glazed room, why not? If you want to separate the space of the room, and you don’t want to build an additional wall, a glazed wall is the ideal thing for that. In another part of the room, behind the glass, you can put a changing area with a wardrobe and mirrors, or you can make a corner for your baby, if you have one, so you can monitor the baby’s movements every day. You can even create a small living room in that space or a reading nook with a bookshelf and a fireplace.

16. Royal Room


A real Italian idyll in the form of a royal room. The design of these walls reminds us of royal details, and the expanse seems like something magical. If you have a house or apartment that has a beautiful view, use it for such a magnificent room. We will agree that it takes a lot of money and effort to invest in something like this, but the result is wonderful! We believe that everyone would enjoy a view like this.

After checking out these industrial bedroom ideas, you can see there are so many ways to work this trendy look into your space. From exposed brick walls to pipe shelving to Edison bulb lighting, the options are endless. Choose one or two key elements you love to create your own unique urban oasis. With just a few strategic industrial touches, your bedroom can go from drab to fab. Hopefully these inspiring photos have sparked some creative ideas for giving your personal retreat edgy vintage flair. Now it’s time to get started designing the industrial bedroom of your dreams!

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