Looking to give your bathroom a fresh, natural facelift? Green is having a major moment in home decor and bathrooms are no exception. The color green can bring feelings of renewal, relaxation, and tranquility into your space. It’s versatile enough to work in any style bathroom too – from modern to traditional.

In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite ways to incorporate green into bathroom design. From sage green walls to mint green tile, there are lots of options to make this color the star. We’ll show you beautiful green bathrooms from contemporary to cottage-style. You’ll find inspiration for going all-green or just adding pops of color through accessories.

Get ready to soak in some serene green bathroom inspiration! Keep reading for images of gorgeous bathrooms where green is the dominant color. See how different shades can set a mood, from uplifting lime to calming sage. Let these beautiful green bathrooms spur you into creating a space that feels fresh, natural, and relaxing.

1. Light Green Bathtub


For small bathrooms, lighter colours such as light green and simple tiles with straight lines are best suited. The combination of light green colour goes well with the white wall and with the black details of the faucet, shower and other parts. Simple decorations like white towels and small photos on the wall will contribute to the look of a cosy bathroom.

2. Green Italian Vibe Bathroom


Again, a light green colour with which you can easily combine darker tiles and place the bathtub somewhere near a larger window, on which you can put a curtain for privacy. With a bathroom like this, you don’t have to have tiles on the wall if you don’t prefer them, but you can add large cabinets for your things. Decorate the bathroom with plants.

3. Tropical Bathroom


This bathroom design gives us a tropical vibe, not only because of the lighter colour but also because of the shape of the window and the vegetation in the background. If you own a house on an island or plan to open some accommodation for tourists, this simple bathroom is the ideal inspiration for such a decision. A sculpted figure in beige, grey or white will ideally go well with small cube-shaped tiles.

4. Dirty Green


If you prefer a darker version of the bathroom, a dark green colour can be a good choice for you. When we build bathrooms, the choice of colour and decoration must be carefully and well chosen. Every bathroom, regardless of size, requires attention when choosing tiles, decoration, tub/shower and so on. With such a dark colour, the ideal colour of the faucet and sink faucet would be bronze. To contribute to this darker colour, it might be best if instead of a classic chandelier or ceiling lamp, you put LED lights above the bathtub and a couple of simple candles in a lighter green colour, preferably scented. We are sure that you will enjoy this kind of bathroom after a busy day.

5. Dark Green


A simple small bathroom that is very easy to arrange. In a bathroom like this, there is not too much space for cabinets and shelves, so it would be ideal if there is a chest of drawers under the sink where you can store your towels and other things you need for personal hygiene. You can add larger and smaller plants everywhere in the bathroom, which further enliven the appearance of the bathroom. To add to the look, the ideal choice is a magnificent crystal chandelier that is easy to notice.

6. Calm Green


Not every beautiful bathroom has a bathtub. This photo is a perfect example of that. A simple green soothing colour combined with a white wall and brown details is a perfect combination that ideally goes together. The gold shower and faucets blend in perfectly with the green tiles. On the other side, opposite the shower, it would be ideal to place a brown tile on which you can place a picture frame or some plants in transparent vases.

7. Vegetation Oasis


If you are a lover of plants, as much as I am, don’t hesitate to put as many of them as possible all over the bathroom. Around the bathtub, by the window, and even above the bathtub, there are never enough plants. If you prefer to relax in the bathtub after a long day, a simple white bathtub is an ideal place for it, and on days when you are in a hurry to get ready for work, a date or a trip, we suggest you jump into the shower, which is separated by a simple wall that is painted dark green and paved. The white bathtub comes with a white toilet bowl as well as a white sink. Faucets can be silver coloured.

8. Vintage Bathroom


With a bit of planning you can get this irresistible vintage bathroom that is most common across the UK. The undertaking of bathroom planning does not have to be a tedious process but can be something you will enjoy, especially when you see the results. If you have an old mirror, don’t throw it away, you can keep it and add a container for liquid soap, scented sticks and other scented products in the colour of the frame. With this colour of the bathroom, a dark green round carpet is ideal.

9. Corn Walls


Have you ever seen anything like this designed wall? A wall with corns in three different shades of green. This interesting design deserves a place on our inspiration list, we’ll agree on that. If you are a fan of colourful things and if you like to stand out from the boring standards of bathroom decoration, use this photo, so instead of corn, you can easily find other designs of vegetables, fruits or other things you like on your wall. A double sink and two mirrors are ideal for all households with several members.

10. All Green


Everything is green, even the door. To break the monotony of one colour, our suggestion is to make a wall with flowers in different colours, in a vintage style. Use scented candles, flowers, and towels with different embroideries as decorations. A beach bag with a hat on the door also adds to the space. The faucet is bronze coloured.

11. Artsy Bathroom


A small bathroom space that takes on an artistic vibe. A bathroom without windows can be just as beautifully lit and decorated. Instead of windows, you can hang some colourful photos, and photos with inscriptions and don’t forget plants in different colours and vases that are different colours from the bathroom. Since the space is small and there is no room for some larger shelves, you can place two shelves above the toilet bowl and place toilet paper and other necessities there. In addition, you can add more plants and a figure or coloured ball. Do not forget to install ventilation due to the lack of windows.

12. Modern Bathroom


Everything is modern and everything is clean. This tile design gives the impression that the bathroom is constantly new and clean. The combination of white and green is a winning combination for the bathroom. The minimalist style does not require too much decoration, so it is not so demanding and difficult to decorate. A large pot with a large plant, preferably a white ficus, is the best detail you can put in the corner of the bathroom. With a modern bathroom, it is best to have a shower cabin with transparent glass.

13. Pink & Green


Green and pink combination – perfection! This bathroom is giving us some girly vibes. An oddly shaped white bathtub and irregularly shaped and different coloured tiles that don’t need a carpet because they are beautiful enough without it. The clothes dryer can be gold in colour to contrast with the rest of the bathroom. Photos of different content are also a nice decoration.

14. Kitty Bathtub


All cat lovers know that the favourite place to find their furry friend is the bathtub (without water). With that, make your cat’s favourite place nice and cosy, so they feel snuggled up. Cats can only see certain colours, including green. The green colour is something that they like, so they will certainly feel beautiful among the green walls. Along with the green colour, you can add brown elements, so the two together can represent the earth.

15. Green & Black


Ideas for the bathroom are never enough. We would always be happy to rearrange something, arrange it, change the layout, change the colour or add something new. Bathtubs are an irreplaceable solution for all of you who want to enjoy a good, long and warm bath. If your bathroom is small, a good trick is to take a mirror as large as possible for reflection and thus you can deceive yourself and your guests that the bathroom is twice as big. Dark colours close the space a bit, but if you have a window, with daylight it won’t be a bad idea. If you are not in favour of a wall without tiles, you can find tiles in dark colours that will perfectly suit your bathroom.

16. Green Marble


An unusual combination of colours in your minimalist bathroom will leave every guest breathless. Tiles that don’t match each other provide good colour contrast. This bathroom colour is ideal for a large space, so you won’t need a large mirror. A glass shower cabin is an ideal thing that will fit perfectly with the environment. A simple small plant in the corner is a hit because the bathroom with plants gives a feeling of freshness, and adds different light sources to create a pleasant atmosphere. Warm light can create a relaxing atmosphere.

17. Uneven Tiles


Another choice for all lovers of minimalism that deserves to be on our top 15 list of bathrooms that will inspire you. Place uneven white tiles halfway up the wall, then make a section with a thin silver moulding, and paint the rest of the wall dark green. With these tiles, you will break the dark colour that would close the small space of the bathroom and you will make the bathroom look bigger and more spacious. Choose all the elements in white, while you will choose small details such as plants or figures in green or beige, for a good fit. A simple photo with a short caption can find a place somewhere above the toilet bowl, and you can add either a shower or a bathtub to a bathroom like this, depending on what you prefer. The carpet can be beige. Around the sink, you can add a grey or beige box in which you can place towels or makeup.

Green is a gorgeous color choice for bathrooms looking to create a relaxing, spa-like vibe. As you can see from the beautiful bathrooms pictured, it works in any style from modern to traditional. Go for an all-green color scheme or just add pops of color in the finishes, accessories and details, this hue can introduce natural tranquility into your space. Let these stunning green bathroom images spark inspiration for your own soothing oasis.

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