Feng Shui is all about creating a feel-good space, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good mirror? But in the world of Feng Shui, mirrors are more than just your go-to for a quick outfit check. They’re like magic wands for your home’s vibe. Place a mirror right, and you can make a room feel bigger, brighter, and just more awesome. But get it wrong, and it’s like walking into one of those funhouse mirror rooms – a bit off and kinda unsettling.

Think about putting a mirror in a spot where it can catch some natural light and bounce it around a dark room. It’s like turning on the sunshine indoors. Or, place one opposite a cool piece of art, and suddenly, you’ve got double the beauty. But it’s not just about throwing mirrors up anywhere. It’s about balance. Too many mirrors, and your place starts feeling more like a hall of mirrors than a home. The trick is using them just enough to spread good vibes around your space.

To get a real sense of how this works, check out some pictures that show off Feng Shui mirror magic. You’ll see how the right mirror in the right place doesn’t just change a room; it transforms it. Get ready to be inspired and maybe find a few ideas for your own space!

1. Round Mirror


A round mirror that is considered one of the main mirror shapes for feng shui energy. Each mirror has a certain angle at which a certain energy is invoked, and you can find more about this on tons of blogs. This mirror is also one of the better choices for your bathroom, hall, room and so on.

2. Lights And Mirrors


Add some spice to your mirror look. Round mirror once again, but this time in a slightly different variant, which is a light that completes the look and you will not need a light on in the room next to this kind of mirror. This kind of mirror can be decoratively beautiful, but also useful when putting on makeup, etc.

3. Feng Shui


Mirrors are a great way to enlarge any small entrance – just make sure that they don’t face the person walking in through the door – not good feng shui! At least that’s what they say, we don’t know how attached you are to those customs and beliefs. 😉 Whatever your belief, we think this mirror is the perfect way to expand the space and complete the look of your space.

4. Old Mirrors


A mirror that gives us the old vibe of those vintage mirrors that used to be found in every possible residential building. Such mirrors will fit best in a house that is done in that old style. The gilded edges of the mirror and the large decoration in the middle will attract attention.

5. Modern Mirror


If you are a fan of darker rooms and walls, this mirror with lighting on its back is the ideal thing for you. Since the dark color closes the rooms, this mirror will open it up and you will gain on the space it is perfect if you do not have a window in the bathroom. The black frame blends beautifully with the rest of the interior.

6. Minimalist


Place a mirror near a window so that it reflects the light from outside. Want to bring in the grounding energy of a tree? Arrange the mirror in such a way that it reflects the tree. There are so many ways you can use mirrors to refresh the look of your rooms. These are just a few examples that may serve you well. The minimalist style is more and more prevalent in homes, and that’s why we’ve chosen one such look that can help you decorate your home.

7. All White


You can use mirrors to: amplify light in a space, invite fresh energy, redirect energy flow, repel bad vibes, boost self-confidence, symbolically double wealth & opportunities, create a feeling of expansiveness, and magnify blessings & power. Mirrors are miracles, aren’t they?

8. Big Mirrors


If you are not sure how to properly place a mirror on your wall and are hesitating, we have found a solution for that as well. The solution is to simply buy a mirror that occupies the entire space of the wall and thus secure yourself from wrong steps if you believe in feng shui. This large mirror looks like a window because of its cubes divided by a black frame.

9. Golden Frames


Some believe that the power is stronger if you have two mirrors of the same size that will be arranged on the walls in the same millimetre. We don’t know how true that is, but we know that these golden mirror edges are very interesting and beautiful and fit well in all bright bathrooms.

10. Undefined Shapes


These undefined shapes are very interesting and greatly expand the space, they are noticeable and are also of a larger scale, which additionally illuminates the room because they perfectly reflect the daylight coming from the window. These mirrors go well with any ambience and appearance of the bathroom, as they do not have thick, noticeable edges.

11. Mirror With Belts


This mirror is attached to the wall by what looks like a strap, that’s why we named it that. This mirror is of medium size and fits perfectly into the spaces, and if your space is very large, this mirror will fit perfectly into it, because large mirrors are superfluous in large spaces because they expand the space additionally. It is ideal to add a few plants in front of the mirror.

12. Dream Catchers


A lot of people who believe in feng shui also believe in the ability of this little thing on the wall next to the mirror to catch dreams. A dream catcher can fit perfectly next to a round mirror and maybe a mirror can help you catch your dreams better because this dream catcher is reflected in the mirror. 😉

13. A Few Mirrors


Use mirrors with a clear intention. In Feng Shui, mirrors can improve the energy of a space depending on its application. You can use mirrors to control the direction of energy, slow down energy flow, or amplify positive energy. It also represents the water element which cultivates wisdom and introspection. You can also use multiple mirrors to achieve this effect, as is done in this photo. The mirrors are perfectly lined up next to each other.

14. Small Mirror


An adorable little mirror that can fit nicely into any space, especially if you’re after aesthetics. These small mirrors are ideal for bedrooms or living rooms if you practice them in those rooms. The mirror is very nice and you can place some plants and books around it for an even more complete look.

15. Aesthetic Mirror


Another minimalist mirror with which you can decorate your rooms. This mirror is irregularly shaped and adds to its look is the light behind. Plants and some cosmetics around will be an added aesthetic bonus. You will not go wrong with this choice, and if you are looking for the feng shui power of this mirror, you can find it somewhere on the Internet. We are sure that the shape of the mirror has nothing to do with it, but that any mirror can be put to good use.

So, go ahead and explore these images to see Feng Shui mirrors in action. They’re not just about checking your reflection; they’re about reflecting the best parts of your home and your life. Get inspired, get creative, and maybe even find that perfect spot for a new mirror in your space. It’s all about creating a home that feels as good as it looks. Happy decorating!

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