When it comes to making your living room feel lively, inviting, and full of your own personal touch, a boho, or bohemian, style might be just what you’re looking for. The best thing about the boho style is that it lets you mix and match all sorts of different pieces you love. There’s no strict rule to follow, just what makes you feel good. This flexibility is exactly why more people are choosing to turn their living rooms into boho wonderlands.

So, what exactly is boho style? It’s like creating a fun collage of your favorite things. You could throw in a soft, worn-out rug with funky patterns, then maybe add a bright, comfy couch and some cool, vintage lamps. And let’s not forget about plants – from small succulents on a shelf to big leafy ones in the corner, they can really add life to your room.

Remember, this isn’t about having everything match perfectly or keeping things super tidy. A boho living room can be a bit messy, in a good way! It’s about creating a place that feels cozy, vibrant, and completely you.

And the best part? Changing up your room with boho style doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. With a bit of creativity, you can repurpose things you already have, hit up garage sales for unique finds, or even do some DIY projects to make your own decor.

In this blog post, we’re going to give you more than 20 ideas to get started on your boho living room. From choosing colors to picking out the perfect plants, these ideas will give you all sorts of inspiration. Not only will these ideas make your living room look amazing, but they’ll also help you create a space where you feel completely at home. Because at the end of the day, that’s what a boho living room is all about – creating a space that truly feels like you.

1. Colorful Bohemian Living Room

Cute and classy, this neutral-colored bohemian living room is for those who enjoy cute elements. If you’re a fan of subtle designs and warmth – this is going to suit you.

2. Neutral Bohemian Living Room

Try out beige and nude elements and pair them together. Anyone who enjoys elegance and that true bohemian design is going to fall in love with this look.

3. Eclectic Living Room

Add some plants to your room to get this cute and clean-looking corner. If you’re in your thirties this style might suit you the most.

4. Cozy Bohemian Living Room

Women who enjoy lighter shades are also going to like this decor inspo. Add a pop of pink to your living room and make it elegant and cozy, as well as lovely.

5. Hippie Bohemian Living Room

Create this clean and minimalistic vibe with this green color combo. Those who love flowers and plants should go all out and should try rocking this interior design.

6. Gorgeous & Big Bohemian Living Room

Clean, white, and beige colors are for those who can handle maintenance and upkeep. If you’re a fan of stylish corners and you want something minimalistic that can add life to your living room corner, why not this?

7. Vibrant Bohemian Living Room

For some people, more is more! If you enjoy pops of color and you want a touch of color, why not this cute print? It is perfect for those who are maximalists and those who enjoy retro boho vibes.

8. Bohemian Living Room Inspiration

Go with clean, nude, beige, and brown vibes if you fancy neutral undertones. Anyone who likes minimalistic and lighter colors will fall in love with this room.

9. Bohemian Living Room Pinterest Inspo

Grey elements and grey colors will add a homey vibe to your room. If you enjoy lighter shades and you prefer cozy corners, this one is all about it! Make sure that you incorporate some art on top of your walls to end up with this exact same look.

10. Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Cute paintings on top of your wall are going to make your space so cozy and welcoming. If you’re into subtle pops of color end you enjoy trying out something new with your cushions and rugs, this is a vibe!

11. Light Colored Bohemian Living Room

Grey, nude, and neutral elements are often paired with flowers and plants that can add that bohemian vibe to your living room corner. If you’re into fun creations, pops of color, and subtle elements, this is a must-do for you. The final result will suit most mature couples.

12. Modern Boho Living Room

Less is more, you think? If so, this clean and light-colored living room with bohemian vibes is something worth trying out. Anyone who is into minimalism and white or beige shades is going to fall in love with this look.

13. Blue Bohemian Living Room

Go for dark-colored walls and try out this shade of blue if you’re someone who enjoys darker monochrome designs. Women who prefer closed-up spaces will fancy this design. Show that you’re ready for a change and that bohemian is the way to do it in 2023!

14. Classy Bohemian Living Room

Such a gorgeous living room which is right next to the sea, don’t you agree? Men and women who prefer beige shades and neutral undertones should try this look. It is very easy to recreate, even if you’re on a budget!

15. Peach Colored Bohemian Living Room

Light pink and peachy shades will make your room pop! Go for a couple of accessories and additions to make the room elegant and classy, while still keeping that bohemian art style.

16. Bohemian Living Room Decor

White and orange can look so cute when paired together. This shade combo is a must-try for younger couples who are just experimenting and getting to know their true style, sense of space, and colors.

17. Bohemian Living Room Set

Create your loft area into a true bohemian rhapsody! This elegant and open space is for anyone who is not too sure what is right for them, yet is willing to find their own solution.

18. Gorgeous Bohemian Living Room

Light grey shades are very welcoming and are often used to create a sense and a feeling of a bigger room. If your space is small and limited you can truly open it to with this bohemian dream!

19. Bohemian Living Room With Flowers

Go all in and go crazy with your flowers. If you can water them regularly and if you prefer some color and a nice scent 24/7 – this is the way to do it.

20. Dark Colored Bohemian Living Room

Darker shades are only for those who dare! If you love dark corners and you want something dramatic, why not this? Throw on a bunch of cushions on top and make your room super cozy while knowing that not a lot of people are going to have what you have.

21. Bohemian Living Room Wall Decor Items

This room is very bohemian-like, and it looks like something straight up from movies! If you’re super picky about your space and you enjoy lighter shades just know that this neutral way is the way to do it.

22. Small Bohemian Living Room

Having a bunch of wall accessories is the right way to do it. Open up your living room space by throwing in as many cute accessories as possible. The final result is great for all age groups.

23. Teal Bohemian Living Room

Turquoise, teal, or light blue shades can look so good on top of your wall. Add color and vibrancy to your wall and decorate the top with some pictures. Anyone who enjoys summertime and open space is going to like this look.

24. Bohemian Living Room With Accessories

Light and elegant shades such as white, pink, and peach will open up your space. If you are a true girly girl and you enjoy open and bright rooms, this is for your style and preference.

25. Vibrant And Fun Bohemian Living Room

This cute and retro hippie corner is for those who enjoy bright pillows and stylish elements. Women who wish to go all out can do it in this retro style. Ready to give it a go?

26. Bohemian Living Room With Plants

A ton of flowers and plants will add so much variety to your room. If you can water them and if you want to make your space happy, fun, and positive, this boho room is for you.

27. Cute Bohemian Living Room Idea

Just one swing chair will add so much fun and is a whole vibe to consider doing. Throw on a blanket on top to finish off this cozy look.

28. Traditional Bohemian Living Room

Your living room will come to life with a bit of light. If you’re someone who enjoys open spaces and you’re into elegance, this is for you. Make sure that you throw on accessories as much as you can to get this look.

29. Colorful Bohemian Room

Red is a bold move to make. Do you dare to do it? If you enjoy defined space and you’re into boho and rustic blends, we can vouch for this look.

30. Elegant Bohemian Living Room Style

Try out this giant chandelier light and create a cozy look in your living room. Beige is the way to do it if you want a cohesive look and if you can handle the cleaning and maintenance.

31. Bohemian Living Room With Plants & Flowers

Lastly, how about this bohemian corner? It is very easy to achieve, as the whole emphasis is on its plants. Water them regularly and your room will come to life!

So, there you have it! Embracing the boho style is all about letting your personality shine in your living space. With these 20+ boho living room ideas, you’ll be well on your way to creating a cozy, vibrant, and uniquely you room. Remember, your home is an expression of you, so don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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